Landscape Designer Los Angeles
Landscaping Designer Los Angeles

Kate Anne Riemer

Kate has over a decade of experience designing & project managing interior and exterior environments for a wide range of clients.

Entering the field as an interior designer, Kate worked hand-in-hand with clients to establish their dream home designs.

Having achieved invaluable practical experience and an impressive record in interior design, Kate brought this unique talent from the interior to the outside world.

Kate decided to focus on the exterior living environment for her clients so that the interior ambience they invest so much in would be equally enhanced once they step out their doors.

In 2012 Kate & Ryan combined their total 25 plus years of experience in design & construction.

Thus became Kate Anne Designs. 


Ryan Gross

Ryan has spent the better part of 21 years in the field of residential and commercial design, development and construction management, working on over 400 projects in 57 countries. 

Ryan has lived and worked in California, Florida, New York, Cincinnati, Oklahoma, Las Vegas, Seattle, Twin Cities, Moscow, Spain, Israel and a number of other locales on an extremely varied mix of design and development projects. 

Having worked with large and small design firms to execute both simple and involved designs, culminating in running a team of 30 planners himself, Ryan brought that knowledge into the field of Project Management. 

Having seen first-hand the pitfalls and errors that can befall a home-owner in developing their project, Ryan decided to devote his hard-won expertise toward the goal of alleviating the stress, overspend and re-do that so often is the fate of a homeowner venturing single-handedly into the realm of home renovation and exterior design. 

Ryan acts as the owner's representative, ensuring it is done right the first time with the right contractors and matching a budget and schedule you want.